02.14.2015 at the The Franklin, Chicago

Participants: Andrea Jablonski, Catie Olson, Chris Hefner, Christopher Smith, Cole Pierce, EC Brown, Edra Soto + Dan Sullivan, George John Larson, Lucia Fabio + Robert Andrew Mueller, Michelle Anne Harris, Stephanie Burke, Will Soderberg


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The survival strategy of honeybees is to form a cluster within the hive. They are exothermic as individual insects, but endothermic as a colony. Winter bees, physiologically different and longer-living than their brethren, will create a dense mantle about the core of the colony, vibrating their wing muscles to generate warmth. Within the core, work resumes and the nursery is cared for. As bees on the outer edge of the mantle become hypothermic, their bodies are pulled inward as other bees migrate outward to take their place. Depending on winter temperatures and other conditions, the hive can suffer a great many deaths, which can be heartbreaking for the beekeeper.

Starved bees

ASCII 6 Specifications

Your attire shall be the inception and engine of your complicity in this evening's event—elevation of the evening's milieu will be secondary, as this meritorious raiment shall induce a theorem, geometry, cosmology, schematic, or other appropriate extraction as your imprint.

And thus:

option.   Emblazon your imprint upon artifacts, stacked and limited to four inches (x,y), to be displayed on a coffee table and distributed. These artifacts shall route guests to your research manuscript for this season.

option.   Adorn yourself with your imprint, and attend to the atmosphere of the room with a catalytic tinge: a tone, illumination, fragrance or sapidity that only ever-so-slightly encroaches upon the living space of our hosts.




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