05.04.2013 at The Marquette YMCA, St. Louis
05.10.2013 at The Elastic Arts Foundation, Chicago

Participants: Andrea Jablonski. Bruce Neal. Chris Hefner. Cole Pierce. Cinchel (Jason Shanley). EC Brown. George John Larson. Jake Myers. Jon Bollo. Michelle Harris. Pleasant Group (Erik Wenzel). Stephanie Burke+Jeriah Hildwine+Ryan Peter Miller.


Chicago photos [+]
Photos by Cole Pierce [+]
St. Louis photos [+]
Chicago performance program [+]

ASCII 4 Reveries

 EC Brown
Projection: excerpt from The Wind Journeys
Ciro Guerra, 2009, Colombia.

 Jake Myers
Projection: Coach Rising.

 Pleasant Group
Audio mix: A Murder Merica,
live remix of I'm Afraid of Americans V3 by David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails & Ice Cube

 Cole Pierce
Projection: Magnet Pond/Fishing Composite,
music by allmyheroesdiedinprison.

 Chris Hefner with Sean Desantis
Musical performance: cover of Low, Take Your Time.

Laptop performance with projection.
~Audio accompaniment may be downloaded onto your phone at

 Andrea Jablonski
Musical performance: Stardust Wanderlust,
with light show by Mike Tsoulos.

 Bruce Neal
Musical performance: Drunkard vs. Freight Train,
projection by Catie Olson.

Chris Hefner and Sean DeSantis:
performance at Elastic Arts [+]

Principal specifications

  1. An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely.
  2. Artifacts shall commit an arrangement of recordings.
  3. Participants shall proclaim their own specifications, to enrich the ASCII specification body.
  4. Attire shall always be elegant.

Candidate specifications

  1. Participants shall consummate their edition with a 10-minute reverie during the ASCII event.
  2. Participants shall create a Master Copy: exquisitely constructed; unattainable or only so at a dear price
  3. Artifacts shall include documentation of all specifications fulfilled, adhered to conditionally, or violated.

Extended specifications

.doc compendium [+]


From Here to Eternity Ranjeet Callaway Mills textile manufacturing, 1939



Study and
Consortion Initiative, Illinois