08.04.2011 above the Rootstock Bar, Chicago

Participants: EC Brown, Chris Hefner, George Larson, Bruce Neal, Catie Olson, Cole Pierce, Ralph Syverson, Chris Uphues


Photos by Catie Olson [+]

Principal specifications

  1. An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely, or perhaps available for barter.
  2. Editions must involve recorded audio.
  3. Editions must bear your insignia.
  4. Attire shall always be elegant.

Candidate specifications

  1. Participants shall design the display of their editions, including elevation, surface, appurtenances and light source.
  2. Each edition unit shall be swaddled in finery, or any such substance which may deemed exquisite.

Extended specifications

The C.M. Hefner Arrangement Correspondence Agreement [+]
  1. ASCII offerings following the rules of the HACA will tailor their mixes based (a) fundamentally upon an Artist (b) personally known to them, the virtues of whom they wish to extol with enthusiasm and sincerity to the attendees and fellow participants of ASCII 2.
    1. The aforementioned tailoring may be interpreted freely. You may create a mix in the hopes that this chosen friend would enjoy listening to it while creating said Artwork. You may arrange recordings which you feel encapsulate the essence of their work. You may create an arrangement based solely upon the intimacies you share with this Artist, an event, a preference, an evening, a shared or dissimilar trait. The only stipulation is that EVERY TRACK be in some way specific to this person and your relationship with them.
    2. The term Artist is meant to indicate any sincere author of aesthetic, literary, musical, performative, cinematic, culinary or otherwise poetic expressive material.
  2. The Finery in which your offering must be swaddled, or, more generally, the way in which you present your mix, must proudly represent this Artist's work in some primary respect. Think of this as your reliquary for the artifact you have created of them. Interpret freely, but do not let your voice speak louder than theirs. Remember, the mix is FIRST for them, SECOND for your communication of them to others and THIRD for your private appreciation of Their Virtues.
  3. The packaging of your offering must include clear means for further investigation of your friend's work. A website, an email address, an upcoming event, etc. Give yourself over to them, convince us of their importance, make us hungry for it and then offer the key for us to satiate that hunger AFTER the evening's festivities have concluded.
  4. All participants in the HACA will make a signal of their devotion by the inclusion of black ash both on their person (be it bodily or sartorially bestowed) AND upon the packaging of their offering.
Brute Nail's Cruel Etiquette, v.2 [+]

All tracks must be under 2 minutes.

All adherents must wear a blue flower (real or homemade) on the night of the event.

Packaging should involve a blue flower (marker, sticker, printed, constructed etc).

—furnished by Bruce Neal


Insert from Bee Gees' 'Sgt. Pepper' sdtk Wilcox Gay Recordio Machine Deleted video: Master Wilcox Gay Recordio, carefully packaged


An exhibition of the work of i'Diamond in observance of the C.M. Hefner Arrangement Correspondence Agreement, and produced by Catie Olson and EC Brown

i'Diamond, as channelled by Catie Olson [+]
i'Diamond, as channelled by EC Brown [+]



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