03.08.2014 at Triatriangle, Chicago

Participants: Andrea Jablonski. Catie Olson. Cole Pierce. EC Brown. Elena Tejada Herrera. George John Larson. Jason Shanley. Jon Bollo + Steven Fletcher. Julia A. Miller. Kg Price. Mairin Hartt. Mikey Peterson. Ryan T. Dunn. Sarah Beth Woods + Cleo Sugg. Stephanie Burke. Will Soderberg.


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This event was proffered without specifications, merely the ASCII archives as a reference.


From Ryan T. Dunn of Tritriangle:
I suppose 'beautiful chaos' is the organic variation produced when systems break down, collisions between order and entropy. Rusted out cars in the middle of a swamp, piles of CD-ROMs in a thrift store, fruit toppling from a grocery stand, spontaneous stock market rises and falls—the finite range of experiences as members of the set of an infinite range of possibilities. I'm trying to create something of beautiful chaos right now: attempting to illustrate in an ordered fashion the two word synthesis of a conversation, while simultaneously wading through the memory of such a thing after time and many new memories have undoubtedly repurposed those neurons. The unending translation of moments into new moments and the inexplicable construction of explainable events which come forth.

January 5, 2014

Ryan Dunn offered the following:

February 10, 2014

I returned with the following:

February 16, 2014

An appendment: a Japanese Ochamori tea ceremony with oversize utensils.




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