Floor Length and Tux


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Luca Scala
Preparatory discussions and sharing of topological forms.

A-4 Singularity
On some aspects of the McKay correspondence

Jonathan Ozik
An array of his spicy substances, with guidance for tasting.

Sauces (all habanero-based):

  • Peaches, molasses and Indian spices
  • Raw carrots
  • Cooked carrots
  • Cilantro and limes


  • Chocolate mousses with habaneros, dried ancho and guajillo chiles;
    co-prepared with Catarina Freitas
  • Roasted jalapenos
Jonathan Ozik offering spicy substances Spicy sauces and salsas by Jonathan Ozik Spicy mousse by Jonathan Ozik. Pickles by Lisa Hendricks Spicy additives Roasted jalapenos by Jonathan Ozik

Guest contributions:
  Meg Duguid: canteloupe-habanero juice
  Lisa Hendricks: habanero pickles

Cantaloupe-habanero juice from Meg Duguid

Animated 3D Fruchterman-Reingold force-directed model by Jonathan Ozik, based on JSON scripting by EC Brown, accompanied by animation by Catie Olson

Animations by Jonathan Ozik and Catie Olson Animation by Catie Olson
Jon Bollo
Jon Bollo Jon Bollo
Jon Bollo Jon Bollo
Matty Colston/DJ Ish!
Records arranged and color coded with track markers to create an algorithm, enabling guests to make a proper mix until his appearance for a late-night DJ set.
Matty Colston - algorithm Matty's DJ set by proxy DJ Ish! after hours set
Pickled habanero tasting
Catie Olson
Animations, sonic sculptures and marshmallow sculpture
Catie Olson
Catie Olson - 3-string guitar Catie Olson - 3-string guitar
Catie Olson - hollow headset with ball-bearings Catie Olson - hollow headset with ball-bearings
Catie Olson - cavity for bass string
Catie Olson - animation projected animation
EC Brown
Painting and CDR-mixes
EC Brown EC Brown EC Brown - CDR mix with booklet EC Brown EC Brown - centerfold from CDR-mix booklet