Floor Length and Tux


Candice Weber's review for Chicago Art Map

Lilli Carré
Untitled shadow animation
(illuminated by suspended flashlight)
Head Garden and untitled animated GIF
Lilli Carré 2 Lilli Carré 1
Lilli Carré 4 Lilli Carré 3 Lilli Carré 5 Lilli Carré 7 Lilli Carré 6
Alexander Stewart
(mirrors with etched backing)

Iceland Spar

Alexander Stewart 1 Alexander Stewart 3 Alexander Stewart 2
Alexander Stewart 3
Alexander provided the evening's vinyl entertainment with Alan Gourager's Fantastic Planet sdtk, Kraftwerk's Ralf & Florian, Pierre Henry & Michel Columbier's Messe pour le temps présent and an assortment of musique concrète.
Catie Olson
(mixed media with projected video and flashing lights & shadows)

(mixed media with lights and audio)

Assorted monsters,
mixed media with fresh basil
Catie Olson 4 Catie Olson 5 Catie Olson 6
Catie Olson 6 Catie Olson 7 Catie Olson 8 Catie Olson 9
Catie Olson 4 Catie Olson 1 Catie Olson 3 Catie Olson 2
EC Brown
Backroom Processor
(black foamcore window-fitting, clear marbles, flashing lights, audio)
Soundtrack excerpt

+ 50 copies of a CDR-mix with booklet of drawings

EC Brown 1
EC Brown 2 EC Brown 3 EC Brown 4 EC Brown 5